Green Tea Ice Cream

The thought of green tea ice cream still comes as a shock to many people who have not yet been exposed to this unique delicacy. The seemingly strange creation is actually quite a treat once you get your selves to try it…

The ice cream is prepared using a mix of certain different types of green tea powder. The most popularly used leaves are from the maccha and matcha plant. Like the drink itself the ice cream treat also has its roots firmly established in the Japanese culture. Today we find that Japanese ice cream distributors are exporting the ice cream to all corners of the world.

The Japanese tradition

The Japanese have a very unusual way of serving green tea ice cream. There are times when you will find them to be enjoying it in a normal bowl like we all normally do. At other times it is actually served in between a monaka. This is a special Japanese sweet that consists of two sweet tasting wafers and have a special paste inside them. These wafers are then filled with the ice cream and the end result is somewhat like the ice cream sandwich, only this one has a green tea flavor.

The ice cream is made using traditional ingredients such as sugar, water and egg yolk. Milk and cream is an obvious addition to the making of the ice cream. The main ingredient however is the green tea it self which is obtained from the maccha tea.

Green tea ice cream does not only taste great rather the maccha leaves provide a very beautiful green hue that is very appealing to the eye. The green tea powder used to make this ice cream is something that is found in almost every home kitchen in Japan. In fact you will find green tea ice cream to be ready and kept frozen in many homes of Japan.

Homemade Green Tea Ice Cream

In recent years the popularity of green tea has escaped the boundaries of Japan. Amongst the various green tea products that are now flourishing on a global scale is green tea ice cream. This is probably one of those green tea products that is not as commonly available as others are.

This is the reason why we find many people trying their luck at making the ice cream themselves. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make green tea ice cream at home and you can easily accomplish the task if you follow the right guidelines.

For starters it is a good idea to make green tea ice cream using normal vanilla ice cream as the base and then adding green tea powder to it. Although you may not conceive this to be the authentic green tea ice cream, it is the closest possible rendition of the ice cream that you can manage on your own.

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